Episode 114 – A Postcard From Colombia Part 2: Island Adventure

The Episode:

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The Story:

To set foot in a country where you know nobody, where you barely know the language, and you don’t really know what to expect, is a thrill that too few people experience. Will you able to get around, buy food, manage to not get your drink spiked and your organs involuntarily donated to a sicario’s trust fund? Probably. But you can never be quite sure until you stare into yourself and find the courage to do something a little crazy.

Your friends might be supportive of your decision, or they might try to scare you with wild third-hand stories that they’ve heard repeated, dumping all their fear and insecurities on you to prevent you to do something truly interesting. In any case, the ultimate decision must come from you, guiding your finger onto the mouse, to trick it into pressing “confirm”, before you can chicken out.

In this episode, Kurt tells a story about his first trip in Colombia, deciding to make a journey to Cartagena to visit a costeño friend, armed only with the words “Come to the Isla de Barú my friend; don’t worry – it is easy to find,” and a little faith. Unfortunately, arriving at the island wasn’t as simple as it first seemed. Join us on another adventure, in this episode of The Paradise Paradox.

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