Episode 113 – Non-Aggression Principle – Anarchapulco Nights

The Episode:

How we celebrate the newest annual Mexican holiday that represents freedom for our fellow human… Anarchapulco!

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The Story:

Everyone has their favourite holiday season, we all love the summer break, Christmas and Easter. As for myself and many other free minds we celebrate ideas and giving freedom to our fellow man. This event like many other holidays only happens once a year, it has become the new perfect reason to quit your job, to retire or at least take a few weeks off work. Kurt and I have attended this event for 2 years running – and many others that attended decided to remain in Acapulco, either way – see you at Anarchapulco!

Here we have for you another behind the scenes episode of the greatest event, being ‘Anarchapulco’. In this episode we discuss how important Anarchapulco has become for the Paradise Paradox. For the reason that there is an interesting dynamic that is cultivated at this event. Firstly everyone brings shared values and when spending time with many many people that understand and seek similar passions, there is a light generated at the end of the tunnel. We choose peace, love and Anarchy and this holiday/conference is celebrated in Acapulco, Mexico.

In the second half of this episode Kurt explains to me an important principle, which many understand and follow in their everyday lives. Basically this principle outlines that one should not inflict violence against others. However, this principal has much deeper implications, that many may not have considered. Have you asked yourself – Where do I draw the line when others want to inflict violence against me? or, how do I feel about living in a society that threatens violence to control people? At what level am I willing to accept violence in my life..? These are the questions that leaves one wondering… if our society is so modern and civilised why do bodies of governance lower themselves to such medieval ways?

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