Episode 110 – Anarcho-Superheroes Anarchapulco Nights 2016

The Episode:

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The Story:

This could be one of my favourite PP-Dice-Dox themes ‘Anarchapulco Nights!’ In this episode Kurt and I discuss more of our personal experiences from the largest anarchist conference in the world, Anarchapulco! The conference itself offers packed days of paradigm shattering topics and long nights of thought provoking discussions – which takes a solid toll on the minds eye.

In this episode we share a few funny stories from behind the scenes. As well as the weirdness of being around so many interesting super heroes. Attending the event immerses you in an empowering scene with so many inspiring people. This could be a rare experience for many of us. However, when sharing your own personal story, you may realise that we all have the capacity to be inspiring, when and if you are willing to make the leap.

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