Episode 104 – Future Value of Bitcoin: The Block Size Debate

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The Story:

Bitcoin has now been around since 2009, so far it has proven itself as a viable form of money, as well as a stand alone financial ecosystem for transferring value. However, as Bitcoin is growing in transaction volume, this next quarter might have its challenges and many have mixed ideas about the future of this new technology. Experts have been divided over the key issue – to increase the block size or not. Along with this long running block size debate, Bitcoin will soon reach another critical milestone – the next reduction in mining reward (bitcoin halving). Here we have what might cause to the additional growth of backlogged bitcoin transactions and a reduction in Bitcoin processing power.

In this episode Kurt and Aaron discuss their thoughts on these uncertainties and upcoming events of Bitcoin. For anyone invested in Bitcoin or interested in getting involved, its time to get serious about your crypto strategy. We all have a paradise of research ahead… Join us in a portfolio shaking and fingernail biting episode of The Paradise Paradox!

[Edit: Kurt says that Bitcoin Classic isn’t widely used, but that’s incorrect, as Bitcoin Classic is now approaching 25% of total Bitcoin nodes. 10th of May, 2016]

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