Episode 102 – Feeling Success

The Episode:

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The Story:

In this episode Aaron speaks about his thoughts on the feeling of success and the importance of feeling completely yourself. Aaron explains how to appreciate – how special your personal perspective is, and how special it is to accept your uniqueness. Other ideas such personal inspiration, life purpose, and how we are here to have fun – are also touched on. He also shares a few personal thoughts on navigating feelings and insight into his secret knowledge. So for the meantime take it easy and don’t over think things. Put your feet up, relax and remember that everything is exactly as it needs to be – at least for the moment.
Secret 1.
Success is a life style choice, it is your personal journey, your personal satisfaction is the key to living a complete successful life.
Secret 2.
Everyone is already 100% successful based on the limits of their reality – as they are the only one being/ playing their unique experience. Nobody can ever be as successful as someone else in entirety. A version of life success is not and can never be duplicated.
Secret 3.
To be successful in life, one must be successful in the moment. Success is a living universe and to be successful completely – one must realise that there is only one living your life.
Secret 4.
Success is living your life free from expectations.  This allows one to be their experience to full capacity and allowing all possible possibility, without being fooled into thinking that you should be something else.
Secret 5.
Having fixed expectations will set yourself up for failure. Expecting a certain outcome will open the opportunity for one to feel unsatisfied with what the universe delivers one self. There is a balance to find – concerning goals and desired outcomes without being attached to the results.

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